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Freebies Review is place where you can find largest collection of freebies on the internet. We list just cool freebies including free samples, cell phone, games, fonts, coupons, discounts, screensaver, graphics, webmaster freebies, resources and more free stuff.
Latest Freebies
Charmin’s Most Happening Event - [ Cash Freebies ] - [Submitted on: 06-Jan-2011]
The Charmin Go Nation Queen or King of the Throne competition is something that New Yorkers love to watch because it is the best and healthiest competition that happens over the New Year time. The competition starts somewhere in October when the selection process begins. However, towards the end of the year finalists fight for their victory and to claim their title along with the huge $50,000 prize money.
Votes: 2.0/5
Let it flow is celebrating - [ Free Gifts and Certificates ] - [Submitted on: 14-Mar-2010]
Let it flow which just bagged three thousand fans on their Let it Flow Facebook page has decided to do some celebrating and who better to make a party to all the celebrations than their own fans. This is of course a part of their plan on trying to get more people to direct their attentions to the website of Let it flow; but they are actually giving away prizes to fans. The celebration includes free scratch cards that a fan can use if they are on time!
Votes: 2.3/5
Software download from - [ Software Freebies ] - [Submitted on: 10-Jan-2008]
If you are checking for a website which is providing vision for advanced chemistry development, visionary software for scientists, solution provider, Labs FREEWARE for personal, home and educational usage then simply visit ACD Labs has succeeded in accelerating chemical research for many companies and organizations providing software. Tools available here enable the acceleration of many disciplines and job functions.
Votes: 2.5/5
Browse internet with - [ Miscellaneous Freebies ] - [Submitted on: 10-Jan-2008]
Are you searching a fast and convenient way to browse a web visit which provides a fast, fun and easy way to browse the Web. Latest version of Opera is fully loaded with the tools to keep you productive and safe. The best part is that it's absolutely free, so waiting for what try it today.
Votes: 2.4/5
Visit a complete source for Web Auditing and professional counting services. The commercial service provides guaranteed performance, reliability and commercial counter with statistics. The Web Counter system can be used by anyone to maintain a count of the number of people who have accessed your site. Put a visitor counter on your page without programming. Digits web tracker accurately track page hit data, unique visitors access.
Votes: 2.5/5
Fresh Collection of Freewares - [ Software Freebies ] - [Submitted on: 07-Jan-2008]
Check out if you are in search for free software’s and games. This site offers some of the great and ultimate resources for Software’s and Games Collection and they are supposed to be Free to Download. This site get updated daily. You can also enjoy the features like Multimedia, Graphics and design and many other.
Votes: 2.5/5
Popular Freebies
Urban Fonts – The coolest font collection - [ Free Fonts ] - [Submitted on: 30-Jun-2007]
UrbanFonts offers over 8,000 free fonts and dingbats for both PC and MAC. Finding a font is easy and fun, all fonts are clearly categorized and are shown with full detailed and custom previews.
Votes: 2.5/5
Free Tattoo Designs - [ Fun Freebies ] - [Submitted on: 03-Jul-2007]
Do you get fascinated by Tattoo designs? Are you surfing sites for Free tattoo design? Check out, it carries all, What you are looking out and get enormous tattoo designs of your requirement, this the right place from where you can download any kind of design of your choice.
Votes: 2.4/5 - [ Fun Freebies ] - [Submitted on: 03-Jul-2007]
Want to have fun with some amazing funny videos or pictures, visit, it provides a large collection of funny videos, pictures,free games, humor stories and jokes. You can enhance your enjoyment through funny news, free games and forum. Also can visit more funny sites too.
Votes: 2.4/5
Free Scripts & Cliparts - [ Script Freebies ] - [Submitted on: 03-Jul-2007]
Are you in search for sites that are offering free scripts, tutorials, online tools, icon, clipart images and other webmaster resources, then hold on and stop searching simply click and visit It provides free PHP scripts including rating system, image rotator, counters, guestbook, news ticker, browser stats and random image chooser. Also provides free java scripts, html and CSS Tutorials and PHP topics. You can find here additional tools such as broken link checker, icon images and clipart.
Votes: 2.4/5
Fitness and Recipes - [ Food Freebies ] - [Submitted on: 03-Jul-2007]
Are you fond of cooking? Surfing sites for Low Calorie, Low Fat, Diabetic and Vegetarian recipes and other cuisine too, just click, a great resource for recipes. It has a complete listing of all the various types of recipes. Recipes here are healthy, low calories and nutritive.
Votes: 2.6/5
Free smiley for messengers - [ Graphics Freebies ] - [Submitted on: 03-Jul-2007]
Getting bore by using same smiley from your Messenger? Need some exciting and new smiley, simply visit This site has a vast range of smiley and with no spam, no spy ware, no fuss, simply straight and free smiley for your instant messaging, msn, yahoo, myspace. Smiley add a more human element to the very brittle communications media, that is instant messaging. So liven up your MSN, AIM or Yahoo and get some free smiley now!
Votes: 2.7/5